LNG (Lungs) 2 oz

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Homeopathic formula to support respiratory health.

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LNG (Lungs) 2 oz


LNG 2 oz Homeopathic Formula to support the lungs and respiratory system. Homeopathic formulations are based on the premise of like treats like and minute amounts of natural plant, vegetable or animal substances are used in a highly dilute solution to stimulate the body appropriately.

Active Ingredients:

Lung 7C
Stibnite 8X
Corylus avellana buds (filbert) 1DH
Carpinus betulus buds (hornbeam) 1DH
Viburnum lantana buds (lithy tree) 1DH

Also: Glycerin USP, pure Water USP, Ethanol USP

Suggested use: For acute conditions like respiratory tract infection, asthma, and acute bronchitis: 25 drops (1 dropper) 4 times per day in a small amount of water. For chronic, on-going conditions, 50 drops (2 droppers) twice daily in a small amount of water.

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