Macular Degeneration Homeopathic Pellets

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Supports the health of the macula.

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Macular Degeneration Homeopathic Pellets


Macular Degeneration Homeopathic Pellets (gluten free)

Homeopathic remedies are safe for use with no known side effects. They are formulated from extremely dilute amounts of plants, minerals and animal tissue in order to stimulate the appropriate response in the body for each condition - naturally. This macular degeneration homeopathic remedy in pellet form gently stimulates body and eye tissues to strengthen the macula.

Active Ingredients (homeopathic):

  1. Calcarea flourica (Calc. flour. HPUS 10x):
    Chemical symbol: CaF2
    Mol. wt.: 78.067
    Common name: Calcii fluorica; Calcium fluoride, Fluor spar, Fluorite; German - Fluorcalcium.
  2. Calcarea phosphorica (Calc. phos HPUS 10x):
    Chemical symbol: Ca3(PO4)2
    Mol wt.: 310.183
    Common name: Calcii phosphas precipitatus, calcium phosphoricum, Precipitated phosphate of calcium, Tribasic calcium phosphate; French: Phosphated chaux hydrate; German: Calciumphosphat.
  3. Kalium phosphoricum. (Kali. Phos. HPUS 6x):
    Chemical symbol: K2HPO4
    Mol. Wt.: 174.183
    Common name: Potassii phosphas, Kalium phosphoricum; Phosphate of potassium; French: Phosphate de potasse; German: Phosphorsaures Kali.
  4. Natrium muriaticum (HPUS 6x):
    Chemical symbol: NaCl
    Mol. Wt.: 58.443.
    Common name: Sodii chloridum, Natrium chloratum; Common Salt, Sodium chloride; French: Chlorure de sodium; German: Chlornatrium.
  5. Carboneum Sulphuratum (Carbo. sulph. HPUS 6x):
    Chemical symbol: CS2
    Mol. Wt.: 76.14
    Common name: English: Carbon disulphide, French: Sulfure de carbon; German: Schwefel kohlenstoff.
  6. RECOMMENDATIONS: Administer the remedies separate from a meal if possible. If you use any other kind of remedy, do not take the homeopathic remedy at the same time.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Keep the remedies away from direct sunlight and temperatures above 120d F. If you take homeopathic remedies, do not consume mint or use mint flavored toothpaste while taking the remedy.

    Learn more about general homeopathy information and-other homeopathic remedies for vision conditions.

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I have a question Review by jai
I need this product!!!!
is gluten free???????????????

Yes, they are gluten free. (Reviewed in 2018)

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