Mega Flex 600 gms for Pets

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Supports joint health in pets.

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Mega Flex 600 gms for Pets


This MegaFlex formulation, from Rx Vitamins For Pets is designed to feature the nutrients MSM (which reduces inflammation) glucosamine sulfate, sea cucumber and vitamin C.

It is a cost-effective aid for large dogs experiencing osteoarthritis. Dosage is 1 tablespoon daily for a 100 pound dog.

One level tablespoon of MegaFlex provides:

1000 mg. Glucosamine Sulfate
500 mg. MSM
300 mg. Sea Cucumber
10 mg. Vitamin C

MegaFlex is a high potency formula designed to support connective tissue for flexible, healthy joints and ease of movement. Glucosamine sulfate is a necessary component of the body's ability to create synovial fluid - the fluid that cushions joints - and an important nutrient to heal cartilage and improve joint functioning. Research has shown that glucosamine sulfate has a low molecular weight which means that it may easily be absorbed by the body and circulated through the blood system to joints.

MSM, is a natural compound found in fresh foods and is an excellent source of bioavailable sulfur that is readily absorbed by the body, being incorporated into critical sulfur-containing amino acids, cyteine and methionine. MSM reduces inflammation and has been found to be critical to proper muscle and joint functioning. The formulation also includes vitamin C which assists in MSM absorption.

Sea Cucumber is a creature living in salt water that contains many mucopolysaccharides, including chondroitin sulfate which also has been found to be helpful in supporting joint health.

Recommended use:
1 heaping tablespoon for very large dogs (over 100 lbs.)
1 level tablespoon for large dogs (75-100 lbs.)
2 teaspoons for medium dogs for medium dogs (50-75 lbs.)
1/2 to 1 teaspoon for small dogs and cats (0-50 lbs)

Customer Reviews

Amazing Review by Tina
I used Megaflex for the last years of my Great Danes life. He lived a full life and beyond his expectancy. When he was on the Megaflex he was like a young dog. When I would get lax and forget to order more he would hesitate to move and was in pain. This is a wonderful product! (Reviewed in 2014)

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