Optic Nerve Support Package A

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Optic Nerve Support Package
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Optic Nerve Support Package A


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Package content includes:

Viteyes Optic Nerve Support Formula is designed with vitamins, amino acids, bioflavonoids, herbs and other nutrients to support health optic nerve functioning.

Dr. Grossman's Advanced Eye & Vision Formula supports retina and overall healthy vision.

Revision Formula is based on traditional Chinese medicine support for the liver meridian which is associated with vision health (supports the free flow of energy and circulation through the eyes).

Coleus Forskohlii may help lower both intraocular pressure and blood pressure (not meant to replace glaucoma medication prescribed by your eye doctor if needed).

Get more detailed information about recommendations for optic nerve damage due to:

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have questions.

Customer Reviews

Will this formula help with Glaucoma Review by Panachin
I have been diagnosed with glaucoma, will like to now if taking this formula will help in anyway. Not taking any medication at this time, haven't been prescribed any.

The Viteyes Optic Nerve Support Formula is an excellent foundation eye formula for anyone with glaucoma (or a glaucoma suspect) as pretty much each of the individual nutrients have been researched as helping support and nourish the optic nerve. (Reviewed in 2017)

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