Stem Cell Worx® 3.5 Fluid Oz.

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Stem cell & tissue repair supporting formula.

Stem Cell Worx® 3.5 Fluid Oz.


Stem Cell Worx® is a sublingual spray (95% absorption rate) to support healthy immune function, energy support and cell rejuvenation.

Formula contains the following ingredients:

  • high-grade bovine colostrum - the pre-milk produced by cows right after birth, containing a rich combination of vitamins, minerals, fats proteins, carbohydrates and antibodies. The efficacy of bovine colostrum has been tested in over 5000 published clinical and laboratory studies with extremely promising results. The potent growth and autoimmune factors in the colostrum attach to adult stem cells around the body, strengthening them and their ability to reproduce.
  • trans- resveratrol- an antioxidant that supports healthy heart and circulatory functioning, fighting blood clotting, and supporting stem cell growth
  • fucoidan - found in brown seaweed, it reduces inflammation, is an antioxidant, can lower high blood pressure, and supports delivery of nutrients throughout the body.

Stem Cell Worx' formulation is designed to support increased production of stem cells potentially helping the body to rejuvenate and repair damaged tissue.

Usage information
Each bottle lasts approximately 40 days. For adults, recommended dose is 12 sprays per day, 6 sprays in the morning when arising then 6 sprays late afternoon or early evening.. Later intake may give an update in energy making sleeping difficult. Best to take the sprays at least 30 minutes or more before or 30 minutes or more after any intake of food.

Spray under the tongue, hold for 5-10 seconds then swallow. The sprays should be short and sharp. Press the sprayer approximately quarter of an inch down to get the correct dosage. The sprayer should not be pushed all the way down.

The sprayer on the bottle is designed to be pressed just lightly, then release. The sprays should be short and sharp. The sprayer should not be pressed all the way down.

The recommended length of time to start initially is for 3 months. Some people choose to keep taking the formula ongoing, others take a couple of month break then start again.

Possible Side effects: As this product has detoxifying properties, some people may feel the side effects of detoxification which can include feeling of extreme tiredness, some achy muscles or flu type symptoms during the first 1-4 days of usage.

Precaution: If you are pregnant or expecting to get pregnant you should not take the Stem Cell Worx® intraoral spray, this is a standard precaution with most dietary health supplements for expectant mothers.

Children under 18 years of age should always check with their Physician before taking this supplement.

If you are on prescribed blood thinning medication, check with your Doctor first as trans-resveratrol and fucoidan (two key ingredients in this supplement) have natural blood thinning abilities.

If you are receiving cancer treatment (chemotherapy or radiotherapy) or taking cancer prescription drugs always check with your Oncologist or Physician. If you are in remission, we recommend you wait at least two months after your treatment has finished before starting on the supplement as it may interfere with your blood count readings.

If you are on anti-depressants, have suffered a major heart attack or are recovering from a major illness or disease it is recommended you check with your Physician before taking this supplement. Once Physician approval has been provided, these individuals should take half the dosage of sprays per day (i.e. just 3 sprays in the morning and 3 sprays in the afternoon and build up to the standard dosage of 12 sprays per day over a 2-3 week period).

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