Taurine (L-Taurine) - 2 oz bottle

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Antioxidant, reduces waste in retina.

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Taurine (L-Taurine) - 2 oz bottle


Taurine is found in large amounts in the retinas of healthy eyes. Taurine is critical for the repair of eye tissues and elimination of worn-out and damaged or dead tissue. It is a powerful antioxidant and so helps protect the retina from damage from free radicals.

The liquid form of this preparation of taurine permits better absorption by the body.

Use: Allow 1 bottle monthly for the first 2 months, then one bottle per 2 months after that.

Dosage: 2 droppers daily (about 10 drops per dropper) for the first 2 months, then 1 dropper per day following the initial period. Each dropper contains 50 mg of taurine, which is the equivalent of a 250 mg capsule.

Note: This product is only to be taken by mouth. It is not an eyedrop

Ingredients per serving:
50mg L-Taurine
other - purified water, glycerin, potassium sorbate & citric acid.

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