Tranquileyes Basic TE Blue Kit

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For chronic dry eyes at night

Tranquileyes Basic TE Blue Kit


The Tranquil Eyes TE Blue Kit is designed for patients who suffer from acute dry eyes during nighttime sleep. Also see package combo options

The tranquileyes kit includes a flexible, soft, goggle-type eyeshade which permits gentle moisture while you are sleeping at night. Soft cushions of foam comfortably conform to the facial contours and moisture pads within keep the eyes from drying out at night. The kit also includes warming heat inserts for short-duration daytime treatment. Replacements are available for cushions, pads and gel packs.


The Basic TE kit includes:

  • One set of blue Instants thermoeyes™
  • One set of white thermoeyes™ sponges
  • One net bag for washing/drying
  • Manual

Usage: The moisture pads may be wettened; moisten them with distilled water, squeeze out any excess water and set it in the goggle before putting on the goggles. The goggles have a soft fabric strap to adjust the size.

Latex free, made in the U.S.

Tranquileyes may be quite beneficial to those patients who:
  • Have been diagnosed with chronic dry eyes
  • Find they routinely have sore or tired eyes when they wake in the morning.
  • Experience dry eyes at nighttime
  • Need to use artificial tears at night
  • Experience dry eyes due to air conditioning or fans at night.
  • Need to use a gel or ointment type of eye lubricant at night
  • Find they are waking during the night to re-apply such a lubricant.
  • Wake in the morning with painful dry eyes
  • Wake in the morning with sticky eyelids
  • Experience that eyes don't close all the way at night for a variety of reasons.

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