VisionTone (wild crafted herbal formula) 2 oz.

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Classic Chinese formula for vision support.

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VisionTone (wild crafted herbal formula) 2 oz.


Vision Tone Formula - this formula is based on the classic Chinese formula Six-Ingredient Pill with Rehmannia (Liu Wei Di Huang Tang), and contains the basic herbs Cornus, Rehmannia, Alisma, Dioscorea, Poria, Moutan plus Bilberry, Lycium Berry, White Peony, American Ginseng, Chrysanthemum Flower, Gingko, Licorice, Wild Yam, Shou Wu and Hoelen. It is a historic tonic for visual problems such as cataracts, dry eyes and light sensitivity.

Recommended dosage is 1/2 dropperfuls (approximately 15 drops) in an ounce of water 3 times a day by mouth. For best results, take on an empty stomach (at least 20 minutes away from food). Try to take one of the dosages between 4-6 o'clock in the afternoon (based on the Chinese time-cycle of healing)
Note: This product is only to be taken orally. Do not put in your eyes.

Other herbs include the following:

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) is an herb especially helpful for the adrenal glands. American ginseng is more gentle than the Asian varieties with more of a yin function. American ginseng supports the immune system, provides energy and balances blood sugar levels.
Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) has been demonstrated to play a significant role in the cataract prevention. Researchers have found that a combination of bilberry with vitamin E stopped cataract formation in 97% of patients and did so without side effects. Bilberry appears to additionally strengthen the collagen in the tissue that supports eye structure. It is an antioxidant, it protects the lens from free radical damage.
Gingko (Ginkgo biloba) supports sharper vision in patients who have macular degeneration. It improves blood circulation to the head, supplying more blood to the ocular structure and optic nerve system. In that way it helps to heal tissues tied to vision.
Shou Wu is a traditional tonic formula that supports the body's energy levels and the kidney meridian system.

Other ingredients: This formula contains approximately 30% alcohol.

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