Visoluten (Retinal Peptide) 20 tabs

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Peptide bioregulator for retinal & optic nerve health.

Visoluten (Retinal Peptide) 20 tabs


Visoluten is one of a group of specialized peptides with potential healing properties. Peptides are compounds that consist of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, the carboxyl group of each acid being joined to the amino group of the next by a bond of the type.

Visoluten acts as a bioregulator, with Russian research indicating it can be beneficial in helping repair retinal cells and potentially having regenerative properties. Peptides can be found in food and unlike proteins they can enter the blood through the stomach.

Potential benefits:

  • Removal of accommodation spasms
  • Support the optic nerve and eye lens health
  • Reduction in angiopathy (new blood vessel generation in the eye) often due to diabetes and hypertension
  • Improving visual field loss
  • Reduced risk of retinal degeneration and retinal detachment
  • Supporting the optic nerve regarding optic atrophy issues

Visoluten Ingredients:

Peptide complex A-11 (peptides from eye tissues of Danish calves no older than 12 months of age), and processed through pharmaceutical processes and filters.

Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose (E460), beetroot sugar, lactose, starch, Tween-80.

Suggested Use

Adults: The recommended treatment dose is 3 packs per month (2 tablets per day) for 1 or 2 months and then a short break of 4 to 6 weeks before another intensive course or if the patient is responding well a semi intensive course of 2 packs. The goal is to achieve the maintenance dosage at which point the peptide becomes relatively low cost. While the maintenance dose is one pack of 20 capsules over 10 days every 4 to 6 months,


Individual tolerance to the components, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please consult with your doctor before use. Storage

Store in a dry, dark place at temperate from +35.6°F to +77°F.

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