Vitamin A Palmitate capsules

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For night & color vision, cornea & tear production.

Vitamin A Palmitate capsules


The retina uses vitamin A in the form of retinol to absorb light. Vitamin A palmitate is a form of vitamin A which directly provides retinol. It is utilized by the cones and rods and other parts of the eye to see at night and for color vision. It is also utilized by the eye surface to support production of tears and protect the cornea.

Vitamin A Palmitate gel caps - 120 gel caps per bottle. Each gel cap contains 15,000 IU.

Recommended dosage is 1 gel cap per day.

NOTE: If you take vitamin A in other forms (ie, part of multivitamins) please adjust intake as vitamin A can accumulate in the body. Betacarotene is similar to vitamin A, and can be converted to retinol by the body as needed but does not tend to accumulate in the body in the same manner over time.

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