Ginkgo Biloba (1986, 2002) and macular degeneration


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An early French double blind study in 1986 found that Ginkgo Biloba could help people with macular degeneration, possibly due to its benefit of improving blood circulation to the brain.

Researchers: D.A. Lebuisson, L. Leroy, G. Rigal

Published: Treatment of senile macular degeneration with Ginkgo biloba extract. A preliminary double-blind, drug versus placebo study, Presse Med 1986 (article in French)

Additional Controlled trials in 2002 also found that ginkgo extracts support vision quality in patients who take them for a six month period. This has been verified in both human and animal studies. Ginkgo appears to support the action of antioxidants.

Researchers: P. Fies, A. Dienel

Published: Ginkgo extract in impaired vision - treatment with special extract EGb 761 of impaired vision due to dry senile macular degeneration, Wien Med Wochenschr, 2002 (article in German)