Gymnema Sylvestre (2005) and Diabetes Study


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A small study (India, 2005) examined the effects of an extract of Gymnema sylvestre on high blood sugar. Twenty-two people with type 2 diabetes were given extract for 18 to 20 months as a supplement to their regular medical regimen of oral anti-hyperglycemic agents.

During that period, an some them apparently showed reductions in blood glucose and A1c's. A few were reportedly able to discontinue their conventional anti-hyperglycemic drug and manage their blood glucose levels with the extract alone. Moreover, raised insulin levels were apparently found in the blood of the patients.

The authors, who published related research in 1990 in the same journal, believe that beta cell regeneration is the source of the improvement; however, members of the scientific community have previously questioned both their findings and their conclusions.

Published: 2005, Journal of Ethnopharmacology