Homocysteine (2008) Levels in Glaucoma Patients


Researchers investigated the connection between levels of homocysteine in glaucoma patient's tears and blood. They were looking for the relationship between homocystein, dry eye syndrome and B vitamins in open-angle glaucoma patients. The small study included 36 patients and 36 controls. Homocysteine levels were measured a process known as liquid chromatography which is a technique that divides material into its component parts.

They found that the open-angle glaucoma patients had higher homocystein levels in both their tears and blood compared to controls. Furthermore, the patients who also had dry eye syndrome had even higher homocysteine levels. There was no connection to vitamin B levels.

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Researchers: J.B., Roedl, et al

Published: Increased homocysteine levels in tear fluid of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. Ophthalmic Research, 2008