Lutein, blackcurrant extract (2009) may reduce visual fatigue


Learn more about computer eye strain and asthenopia (eye fatigue).

Visual fatigue such as computer eye strain caused by staring at the computer for long hours, may be eased a daily supplement containing blackcurrant fruit extract (200 mg), lutein (5 mg), and zeaxanthin (1 mg), according to a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial.

The subjects were randomly assigned to receive either the lutein supplement, or placebo, for two weeks, followed by two weeks of washout, and a further two weeks with the opposite intervention.

After completing a two hour visual proof reading task, the researchers measured signs of visual fatigue, including so-called eye fixation related potentials (EFRP).

Published: Applied Ergonomics, Volume 40, Issue 6, Pages 1047-1054, The effect of lutein supplementation on visual fatigue: A psychophysiological analysis.

Authors: A. Yagi, K. Fujimoto, K. Michihiro, B. Goh, D. Tsi, H. Nagai