DHA (2010) and Stargardt: Omega-3 Fatty Acids


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In a small study scientists analyzed the efficacy of using DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) in patients who had been diagnosed with late-onset Stargardt's disease.

The 20 patients were given DHA over a 6 month period and they were tested, before and after the period with a standard eye exam, including visual acuity and an electroretinogram (a test that measures the electrical activity of cells in the retina). There was some improvement (in 4 of 20 patients) but it was not statistically significant.

The researchers concluded that while there was little short-term benefit that DHA did seem to have a beneficial effect on some measures of vision health.

Researchers: Giuseppe Querques, Pascale Benlian, Bernard Chanu, et al

Published: DHA supplementation for late onset Stargardt disease: NAT-3 study, Clinical Ophthalmology, June, 2010.