Myopia (2012) Increasing in Asian Children


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The children of East Asian countries and cities are now under higher and higher pressure to do well in their education. As an consequence health issues related to a life dedicated to close-up work for vision are increasing. Myopia is now a major health concern now, to 80-90% of school graduates. The risk of glaucoma and other conditions that threaten sight is greater in patients with high myopia (10-20% of secondary school graduates).

This is a trend seen on other parts of the world as well. Increasing time spent indoors is associated with the higher incidence of myopia in educated populations.

Researchers: Prof Ian G Morgan PhD a b , Prof Kyoko Ohno-Matsui MD c, Prof Seang-Mei Saw PhD d e

Published: The Lancet, Volume 379, Issue 9827, 5/5/12.