Magnesium-L-threonate, MgT (2010) & Memory Loss


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Researchers have found that Magnesium-L-threonate, MgT is helpful for both long and short term memory loss. They point out that both learning and memory are impacted by diet considerations and found that, in animal models, this particular form of magnesium, which is more easily absorbed by the body than other forms, is exceptionally helpful.

They concluded that MgT helped make short-term synaptic functions more effective, and was helpful for long-term gains and stabilization in memory capacity.

Researchers: Slutsky I, Abumaria N, Wu LJ, Huang C, Zhang L, Li B, Zhao X, Govindarajan A, Zhao MG, Zhuo M, Tonegawa S, Liu G.: Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Published: Neuron. 2010 Jan 28;65(2):165-77.