Exercise (2012) & Diabetes


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A long term study of 1826 patients examined the effect of exercise on their likelihood of developing diabetes. The study participants did not have either diabetes or cardiovascular problems at the onset of the study.

Over five years of followup, the researchers measured the amount of activity the of the participants by monitoring the number of steps they took during the day. The people with in the lowest 1/4 of the range, with less than 3,500 steps per day, had a much higher likelihood of developing diabetes and 243 new cases of diabetes were identified in that group. When the remainder of the group's activity was measured and compared to the lowest 1/4 - it was determined that the group with the lowest amount of activity had a 75% chance of developing diabetes.

Researchers: Amanda M. Fretts, PHD, Barbara V. Howard, PHD, Barbara McKnight, PHD, Glen E. Duncan, PHD, Shirley A.A. Beresford, PHD, Darren Calhoun, PHD, Andrea M. Kriska, PHD, Kristi L. Storti, PHD and David S. Siscovick, MD

Published: Modest Levels of Physical Activity Are Associated With a Lower Incidence of Diabetes in a Population With a High Rate of Obesity, Diabetes Care August 2012 vol. 35 no. 8 1743-1745