Coleus forskohlii (2011) & Hypertension


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Researchers in India tested 49 patients with high blood pressure, dividing them into two groups, one of whom received one of two forms of coleus forskohlii in tablet form. Eight of the patients did not complete the treatment. The patients were also advised to follow correct diets, avoid stale food, reduce salt intake, avoid spicy foods, and take mild exercise.

While both forms of the herb were helpful, one was more effective, in which a decoction was made from the herb, filtered, and again heated making it more concentrated. The concentrations ranged from 2.50mg/500mg to 2.31mg/700mg in the two forms.

The groups had 12.07% and 10.75% improvements in systolic blood pressure and 9.80% and 8.65% in diastolic pressure (sitting posture). The groups had 12.99% and 13.25% improvements in systolic pressure and 10.10% and 10.75% diastolic pressure (lying down).

Researchers: Madhavi Jagtap, H. M. Chandola, and B. Ravishankar

Published: Ayu. 2011 Jan-Mar; 32(1): 59-65.