Green Tea (2017) and Meibomian Gland


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Certain research studies have associated malfunctioning meibomian glands with dry eye syndrome. Others have looked to meibomian dysfunction as being a missing link between dry eye and pterygium since the two conditions often co-exist. And, in fact, there has been such an association between meibomian gland problems and pterygium.

This study looked at green tea extract as to its helpfulness in meibomian gland problems.

The study was a double-blind, placebo controlled and randomized study of 60 patients. All used a standard treatment of eye drops three times a day for a month. The test group also received topical green tea three times a day for a month.

The symptoms of the test group improved significantly compared to the control group which suggested improved health of the meibomian glands. Furthermore, no side effects were noted.

Researchers: M. Nejabat, S.A. Reza, M. Zadmehr, et al
Published: Efficacy of Green Tea Extract for Treatment of Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction; A Double-blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Study, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostical Research, February, 2017.