Melatonin (2009) & Insomnia


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This is a review of existing research on the use of a form of melatonin for insomnia in older patients. The researchers concluded that melatonin does improve both insomnia and quality of life, does not have the addictive and other side effects of prescription sleeping aids, can be used with other medications, and does not have any adverse effects on patients who have or do use other drugs.

Researchers: Zisapel N. Department of Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Published: Controlled release melatonin (Circadin) in the treatment of insomnia in older patients: efficacy and safety in patients with history of use and non-use of hypnotic drug, Harefuah, 2009 May;148(5):337-41, 348