Homocysteine (1998) Blocked Arteries & Stroke


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Researchers have determined that higher homocysteine levels are tied to higher risk of strokes. The degree of heart blood vessel narrowing or blockage appears to be related to the level of homocysteine. Greater thicknesses of plaque thickness are connected to high homocysteine concentrations and low levels of vitamin B-12.

The reearchers examined studied both blood vessels both within and outside the skull using MR angiography and found that homocysteine levels were higher in patients with 2- or 3-vessel narrowings than in those with 1-vessel blockage.

Researchers: Yoo JH, Chung CS, Kang SS.

Published: Relation of plasma homocysteine to cerebral infarction and cerebral atherosclerosis. Stroke. Dec 1998;29