Omega-6 (1986) and Sjogren's Syndrome


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In a small 1986 study, 28 patients with primary Sjogren's Syndrome were studied in a "cross-over" clinical study, and given essential fatty acids (EFA), either Efamol (evening primrose oil) which is comprised of 73% cis-linoleic acid and 9% gammalinolenic acid, or a placebo for an short term eight week term.

Improvement was noted in that 68% of the Sjogren's patients experienced decreased dry eye symptoms, which are one of the symptoms of Sjogren's.

Researchers: P. Oxholm, R. Manthorpe, J.U. Prause, and D. Horrobin

Published: Patients with Primary Sjogrn's Syndrome Treated for 2 Months With Evening Primrose Oil, Scandinavean Journal of Rheumatology, 1986