Lid Massage (2015) & Blepharitis


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The researchers investigated how efficient eyelid massage would be in treating blepharitis, inflammation of the eyelid. They developed a specific protocol, taught 27 patients how to perform it, and followed up their progress over a one month period.

They reported that the results demonstrated an inexpensive, self-treatment which was safe, simple and effective.

The protocol included a specific method of eyelid massage, performed for specific time periods, while under a warm shower.

Researchers: S.T. Yun, C.W. Chong, Y. Liu, K.E. Francis, S.A. Shah, I.C. Francis.

Published: Utilisation of a Novel Test to Measure Severity and Treatment Efficacy of Posterior Blepharitis, Journal of Ophthalmology, August, 2015.