Gymnema Sylvestre (2006) & Diabetic Retinopathy


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The researcher investigated how multiple pharmacological effects of specific compounds become a requirement in classifying their effectiveness. This is because the multiple effects treat a variety of symptoms in any one condition making them more (or less) effective.

In this evaluation one of the conditions the researcher looked at was diabetic retinopathy/diabetes mellitus where continued hyperglycemia causing blood circulation complications. Gymnemic acid, contained in Gymnema sylvestre leaves has anti-hyperglycemic, anti-sweet, inhibits glucose uptake, and inhibits glycosidase in the gut. These multiple effects render it effective in alleviating type 2 diabetes-related symptoms such as diabetic retinopathy.

Published: Medical benefits of using natural compounds and their derivatives having multiple pharmacological actions, Yakugaku Zasshi, March, 2006

Researcher: I. Kimura