Blueberry (2015) Effect on Optic Neuritis


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Optic neuritis is a side effect or symptom of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JA), an autoimmune condition affection children younger than 16. A compound known as etanercept is often used to treat this condition.

Researchers wanted to investigate non-harmful nutrients as possible primary treatments. They were investigating the effects of the natural remedies that reduce inflammation (one cause of optic neuritis) and so tested the combination blueberry juice and etanercept.

They divided 201 patients with JA into three random groups. The severity of their condition was measured using standardized tests. One group received etanercept, another received etanercept and 50ml blueberry juice daily, and another group received etanercept and a placebo juice.

Six months later the children were re-evaluated. The group receiving blueberry juice had significantly reduced or ceased side effects and symptoms. Blueberry juice modified measurable markers of severity or improvement.

Researchers: Y. Zong, et al,

Published: Blueberry Improves the Therapeutic Effect of Etanercept on Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Phase III Study, Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine, October, 2015.