Olive Leaf Extract (2012, 2015, 2017) & Osteoarthritis


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Many studies have determined that olive leaf extract is both anti-inflammatory and is a strong antioxidant. Researchers studies extracts of olive leaf as well as extracts of the same active component from olive oil.

Using human cartilage cells in a lab setting, scientists induced inflammation through application of large fat/sugar molecules. Resulting biochemical markers verified the presence of inflammation. They found that in these osteoarthritis models that the extract had a strong anti-inflammatory effect in a dose dependent manner.

Researchers: H. Nsir, M.A. Szychinska, et al,
Published: Polar and apolar extra virgin olive oil and leaf extracts as a promising anti-inflammatory natural treatment for osteoarthritis, Acta Histochemica, May, 2017.


Researchers investigated the possible beneficial effect of consuming either oleuropein or the bioflavonoid rutin in animals with osteoarthritis.

In this study 60 guinea pigs were divided into four groups and received either a standard diet or a diet enriched with oleuropein, rutin, or rutin/curcumin. After 35 weeks the animals with the standard diets developed osteoarthritis lesions and inflammation as well as relevant biomarkers. Biomarkers are the presence of specific biochemicals known to be associated with specific symptoms or conditions.

The oleuropein and rutin with or without curcumin all reduced the osteoarthritis progression. In addition the combination of oleuropein and rutin suggested potential for future research.

Researchers: M.N. Horcajada, C. Sanchez, et al
Published: Oleuropein or rutin consumption decreases the spontaneous development of osteoarthritis in the Hartley guinea pig, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, January 2015.


Knowing that olive leaf extract has been found to reduce arthritis symptoms researchers wanted to see whether it was also effective for osteoarthritis and investigated both the reason it was effective and the mechanism.

Olive leaf extract is known to have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity. By testing mice with osteoarthritis in their paws scientists were able to determine that the benefit arose due to the strong anti-inflammatory mechanism.

They concluded that it may be beneficial for humans due to its anti-inflammation ability.

Researchers: D. Gong, C. Geng, et al
Published: Mechanisms of olive leaf extract-ameliorated rat arthritis caused by kaolin and carrageenan, Phytotherapy Research, March, 2012

Editor's Note: Similar results were found with respect to rheumatoid arthritis.