Aged Garlic (2001-2020) & Cognitive Impairment


Compared to regular garlic, aged garlic extract stands out as having superior beneficial effects with respect to inhibiting platelet aggregation in cardiovascular disease,1 strengthening the immune system and boosting levels of natural glutathione,2, 3, 4, 5 supporting working memory and cognitive capacity, slowing cholinergic cell death due to amyloid beta accumulation,6, 7 being neuroprotective,8 and protecting neuronal PC12 cells against amyloid beta.9 Aged garlic extract restricts several of the cascades related to synapse deterioration and neuroinflammation,10 improves cognitive impairment, and reduces neurodegeneration caused by amyloid beta accumulation,11, 12 regulates cholinergic function,13 improves short-term recognition memory in lab animals, and slows the inflammatory response.14

A 2020 review of research determined that aged garlic has valuable potential in preventing cognitive and learning dysfunction due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and modulatory effects on neurotransmitter function in the regions of the brain associated with Alzheimer's.15

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