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2022: Natural Vision Improvement Day Seminar
Recorded on Vimeo
Dr. Marc Grossman Vision & Relationships: An Integrated Model

Natural Eye Care Guide


Marc Grossman: Remedies for Red Eye

Marc Grossman: Eye Care

Michael Edson: Parkinson's

Simple Eye Exercises for Computer Eye Strain

Eye Exercise Series

These eye exercise videos were made at a weekend workshop on vision improvement

1. Vision Statements

2. Hydrotherapy for Tired Eyes

3. Open Palm Eye Exercise

4. Framing for Near-Sightedness

5. Introduction to Medical Qi Gong

6. Basic Qi Gong Stance I

7. Basic Qi Gong Stance II

8. Qi Gong for Tired Eyes

9. Qi Gong for the Eyes

10. Seeing from the visual cortex

11. Swinging

12. Advanced Moving Eyes & Head Exercise

Vision Health

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Introduction to Natural Eye Care

Healing Your Eyes With Chinese Medicine, Part I
Grossman & Rosenfarb

Healing Your Eyes With Chinese Medicine, Part II
Grossman & Rosenfarb


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