3-D Video Games Can Help Identify Eye Conditions in Children

A recent Associated Press article highlights the video game company Nintendo’s recommendation that kids under 6 should not use their portable 3-D gaming device. The company warns that the 3-D screen could harm young children’s still developing vision.

On the other side of the issue, a spokesman from the American Optometric Association declares that that the device may actually be “a godsend” because it will help identify young children who need vision therapy.  If a child cannot see the 3-D effects, it could indicate that he or she may have amblyopia or some other eye teaming deficiency. Source: Detroit News

Other studies have found that time spent playing video games and/or watching television do not seem to be detrimental to children’s vision.  Still, it is important to note that time in front of a screen does not help children build vital visual skills.  Being outside, looking at distant objects is a great way to help ensure that kids will have healthier vision.

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