Contact Lens May Offer Improved Glaucoma Treatment

A vitamin E packed contact lens has the potential of preserving the vision of people being treated for glaucoma. While the contact lens can’t repair damage that has been done, it can prevent any further decline in vision.

Typically open angle glaucoma is treated with eyedrops.  The new contact lenses would allow for a slow release of the medication and hold the medicines in place which would allow for the medicine to reach the targeted areas within the eye.

Vitamin E is the mighty component that allows for this slow release of the medication. Not only does the Vitamin E aid in delivering the medication to the eye, it also has the added benefit of protecting the eye from sun damage, since ultra-violet radiation is blocked by Vitamin E.

These trials so far have been done on animals, but shows promise for human use.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

A 2010 clinical trial seeks to find alternative ways to treat glaucoma, specifically investigating how to help those who’ve been told that no more can be done.  This trial is operating under the hyopothesis that “state-of-the-art low vision aids in patients with advanced glaucomatous visual loss will provide an improvement in visual tasks and thereby an improvement in quality of life.”  Researchers want to study how low vision rehabilitation can help those suffering from glaucoma.


We believe that is is possible to both prevent and treat glaucoma naturally.