Discovery of Lymph Channels in Eye May Help Glaucoma

A Canadian research team has uncovered lymph channels in the eye, a find that could lead the way to improved treatments for glaucoma and possibly other eye diseases. Previously lymph channels were not believed to be associated with the part of the eye related to glaucoma.

The lymphatic system consists of organs, ducts, and nodes that transport a watery clear fluid called lymph, which performs two major functions. The fluid distributes immune cells called lymphocytes and other elements throughout the body, which protect the body against infections. It also interacts with the blood to drain waste and fluids from cells and tissues. Lymphatics are found in every part of the body except the central nervous system and, until now, the eyes were excluded as well.

This discovery provides a new avenue in the potential treatment and possibly cure of glaucoma by specifically targeting the lymphatic circulation to lower eye pressure.

Glaucoma Research Foundation
University of Toronto

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