Myopic Patient Betty Ming Liu Benefits from Eye Exercises and Dr. Marc Grossman

betty-ming-luiAsk any of the countless people with substandard vision if there was one thing they could change about themselves and the typical response will be 20/20 vision. Betty Ming Liu, like most glasses-wearing individuals, had simply accepted the fuzzy side of life and continual degeneration of her eyes. Betty and her 20/650 vision had begun to additionally require the help of reading glasses to get by. She was less-than-enthused by the prospect of laser eye surgery.

By chance, Betty was introduced to holistic eye doctor Marc Grossman who opened her to the idea of eye exercises that promised to improve her vision. Within the trappings of a standard optometrist office, Marc opened Betty up to a new world of holistic healing possibilities. By relaxing and “letting go,” Betty went a very significant transformation in both her vision and overall life experience. She explored underlying reasons for the degeneration of her visual acuity and myopia, and how some early childhood experiences had lasting effects. Betty finds that truly, the eyes may be the window to the soul and by opening up through them, she opens up herself.

Read the rest of Betty Ming Liu’s remarkable experience with holistic healing guru Marc Grossman and even learn a few of the life-changes exercises at Betty Ming Liu’s website.

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Marc Grossman, Doctor of Optometry and New York State Licensed Acupuncturist, is a holistic eye doctor and co-author of a number of books on natural vision care. Since 1980 Dr. Grossman has been helped many people maintain healthy vision and even improve eyesight. He is dedicated to providing information to those with conditions ranging from myopia and dry eyes to potentially vision threatening diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. His combined multi-disciplinary approach using nutrition, eye exercises, lifestyle changes and Chinese Medicine provides him with a wide array of tools and approaches with which to tackle difficult eye problems.