Herbal Coleus Ultra Formula for Optic Nerve Support by Dr. Grossman

optic nerveThe optic nerve carries information from the eye to the brain. Damage to the optic nerve can cause severe vision loss. Many eye diseases threaten the optic nerve. This is why Dr. Grossman at Natural Eye Care created formulas that support the optic nerve. His Herbal Coleus Ultra Formula is a select mixture of wild crafted herbs for optic nerve support (also see his new wild crafted formula Dr. Grossman’s Bilberry/Gingko Combination for supporting healthy circulation and blood vessels).

For example, one of the more well-known eye diseases is glaucoma. Affecting mostly seniors, glaucoma is a cluster of diseases that impact the ocular nerve. High intraocular pressure called “open-angle glaucoma” is the most common form of glaucoma, but there are many cases of diagnosed glaucoma where the eye pressure is actually normal or even low. Glaucoma is known at the “silent thief,” because there are typically no symptoms except at one point the patient notices poorer peripheral vision. This is why regular eye exams (typically annually) is important. Continue reading “Herbal Coleus Ultra Formula for Optic Nerve Support by Dr. Grossman”

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Risk Cut by Fruit and Caffeine in Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean diet saladA paper presented to the annual meeting of the American Academy of Opthomology found that a fruit-heavy Mediterranean diet and caffeine appeared to reduce the risk of developing Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). For the first time caffeine has been shown to protect against this eye disease.

Not a fad, this diet has been traditionally eaten in countries near the Mediterranean ocean. This sensible diet includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, Continue reading “Age-Related Macular Degeneration Risk Cut by Fruit and Caffeine in Mediterranean Diet”

New Supplement Package for Retinal Support

macular puckerA macular pucker is most common in seniors. A slow-progressing problem, the epiretinal membrane is like a layer of thin plastic wrap. Sometimes when this membrane contracts in seniors, it causes wrinkling of the retina. The symptoms include central vision distortion and blurring. Macular swelling may also ensue.

Doctors have limited options for treating macular pucker. Wait-and-see and using the Amsler grid for screening are common. Doctors may recommend vitrectomy surgery for profound vision loss. Continue reading “New Supplement Package for Retinal Support”

“Smoking Causes Blindness” on Australian Cigarette Packets

Smoking damages the entire body, including the eyes. The Australian government has introduced harsh laws to discourage the addictive habit. Cigarette packaging is plain, featuring gruesome color photos and statements such as “Smoking Causes Blindness.” What are Australia’s anti-smoking laws, and will they work? How does smoking cause blindness?

Smokers have a significantly higher chance of developing heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Smoking during Continue reading ““Smoking Causes Blindness” on Australian Cigarette Packets”

New Bilberry and Ginkgo Antioxidant Extract Formula from Dr. Marc Grossman

bilberry and gingkoNatural Eye Care has created a new antioxidant supplement, “Dr. Grossman’s Bilberry/Ginkgo Combination Wild Crafted Extract Formula” to help support vision health and circulation. These natural extracts contain powerful antioxidants that counteract free radicals. The formula is designed to help prevent cellular damage, and even reverse it. Many eye diseases, including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma, are rooted in cellular damage from free radicals.1 2

Bilberry for Vision

A relative of the blueberry, bilberry contains Continue reading “New Bilberry and Ginkgo Antioxidant Extract Formula from Dr. Marc Grossman”

What are the Best Sunglasses? The Truth About Eye Wear

sunglasses choicesEverywhere you look, sunglasses are for sale! Sunglasses are found in malls, street corner vendor stalls, drug stores, sports stores, and even supermarkets. Prices vary from $2 to $300. Did you know that a high percentage of the protecting effects advertised are mislabeled? How can you find a pair of sunglasses that really provides protection against the harmful effects of sunlight? Does a higher price mean the glasses are better?

Why Wear Sunglasses?

Sunlight is a nutrient, and it is essential for health. However, certain light rays have been shown to have a damaging effect on the eye. Specifically, ultra-violet A (320-400nm), ultra-violet B (286-320nm), and blue light (400-500nm) are suspect. Excessive Continue reading “What are the Best Sunglasses? The Truth About Eye Wear”

Natural Support for Ocular Rosacea

ocular rosaceaOcular rosacea is a reddening of the eye’s white area. The cornea can also be affected, especially if you have dry eyes. Rosacea is mostly known as a skin condition, however, this condition can affect the eyes. The redness is from inflammation. Ocular rosacea can happen with or without the skin type. Symptoms include dry eyes, light sensitivity, eyelids that are red or swollen, frequent eye styes, recurring conjunctivitis, redness, and itching, stinging or burning. Patients are often between the ages of 30-60, fair skinned, light hair and eyes, menopausal women, and more Continue reading “Natural Support for Ocular Rosacea”

From Farm to Table: Eye Care Veggies – Part I

fresh picked vegetablesWhat you eat directly affects your health and even your vision health.  Whether you get your food from your local grocer, your community’s farmer’s market, your local CSA, or your own garden, you can eat the foods that will best support healthy vision.

Fresh versus Store-Bought

The biggest issue between store-bought and fresh produce from your own garden or your local farmer’s market is that fresh Continue reading “From Farm to Table: Eye Care Veggies – Part I”

From Farm to Table: Growing Your Own – Part III

gardeningGrowing your own is the very best option.  From the garden straight to the salad or the pan is the finest choice for flavor, nutrition, and satisfaction!  You may not have garden space or the inclination to garden, but you can accomplish a surprising amount in less space than you thought possible.  Don’t skip the essentials, below.


Micro gardens are designed for small urban spaces and are designed to be extremely productive, sustainable, affordable, Continue reading “From Farm to Table: Growing Your Own – Part III”

From Farm to Table: Vegetable Heros – Part II

fresh beetNow, let’s learn about the foods that you can readily find not only at your grocery store, but in your farmer’s market or CSA and which you could also easily grow on your own.  These provide great support for your vision health.

Preparing your produce

You probably know already that when you boil Continue reading “From Farm to Table: Vegetable Heros – Part II”