Vision Workshops & Seminars:

Windows to the Soul

Expanding Your Inner & Outer Vision

Lenox, MA

December 16-18
Kripalu Center
Lenox, MA


How you see helps determine who you are. Visual symptoms provide valuable messages that allow you to become more aware of your true soul nature. This eye-opening program integrates the art and science of expanding your vision, as well as its practical and spiritual aspects, so you can reprogram your consciousness and gain skills to enhance your perception of the world.

Optometrist Marc Grossman has consulted for school systems, rehabilitation centers, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. He uses a full range of mind-body therapies, including Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, holistic vision, Continuum Movement therapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique. Marc's pioneering approach can help you see more, feel more, and be more - in everything from intimate and business relationships to career choices and financial planning.