Study: Lipoic acid (1998) - Glaucoma

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Alapha Lipoic Acid and Glaucoma

This monograph discusses research results using lipoic acid as an aid for glaucoma. Researchers gave 75 patients with open-angle glaucoma 75 mg daily for 2 months or 150 mg daily for one month, compared to 31 control subjects. They found that, both biochemically, and in terms of visual acuity, the group receiving the larger dosage had the best results.

Note, the same monograph discusses use of alpha lipoic acid in treating cataracts, diabetes, ischemia-reperfusion injury, liver disease from alcohol abuse, and other therapeutic results. This research has been replicated in a number of other studies.

Published: Monograph, Alpha Lipoic Acid; Altern Med Rev 1998 Aug;3(4):308-11