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can-c eye drops

Can-C Eye Drops

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Cineraria Eye Drops

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Can-C Eye Drops, Lens better - reviewed by Bernard E., September 22, 2011

cataract product review 5/ 5

By way of comment my eye specialist told me last April that I had [lens problems] on both eyes and that the right one needed to be removed as soon as possible.

I then ordered Can-C eye drops from you and after using them in my right eye for a little over 2 months, strictly as recommended, I went to a different Optometrist who told me that he could not see any [lens impairment] in my right eye.

When I get the new batch of drops I will use them in my left eye but keep up maintenance dose for my right eye. Thank you.

Can-C Eye Drops, Less Cloudiness - reviewed by L. Harkavy, February 24, 2009

cataract product review 5/ 5

Since using the Can-C eyedrops, I am seeing better with less cloudiness than last week.....maybe another 10% better. I am reading signs I could not read last week. Fantastic!! My eyes also feel wonderful......

Can-C Eye Drops, Significant Improvements - 2 Months - reviewed by Rhonda W., Olathe, Kansas, June 10, 2008

cataract product review 5/ 5

After only 2 months of using your supplements for early stages of [lens problem] and [vitreous problem], I noticed the following significant improvements in my eyes:

  1. Previously, I could not bend over or put my head down for more than a few seconds (as when cleaning the floor) as it would cause extreme pressure and discomfort in my eyes. After using the supplements for only 2 months, I could put my head down for as long as I wanted with no pressure/discomfort sensation.
  2. Previously, I needed glasses for night vision, but after taking the supplements I was able to see to drive at night better without my glasses!
  3. Thirdly, I noticed a great reduction in a cloudiness or glare in my vision (which I wasn't even aware of until it went away!)
  4. Fourthly, previously, when I would rub my eyes or look quickly back and forth, I could hear a kind of clicking and/or squishy sound in my eyes which greatly concerned me. After the supplements, this squishy/clicking noise totally went away! All this after only 2 months of use! All I can say is "Bless You!" for the all wonderful work you do in eye care! I'm so grateful I found your website!

Oclumed Eye drops

Oclumed Eye Drops, Feedback - reviewed by M. N., January 17, 2014

cataract product review 5/ 5

Dear Michael,
I want to thank you for answering my last email the next day. I greatly appreciated you replying on New Years day. Quite a few of our family members were here and were surprised I received an answer from you on the holiday. As you recall in my email I asked you some questions, one of which was about a product called OcluMed because we had noted you started selling this product. I had told you a neighbor had been using Ocluvet on his dog's eyes and there had been quite a bit of improvement in the pets vision. I had asked you if you had received any feedback from your customers using OcluMed. You stated it was a new product for you and you hadn't received any feedback. My son, hearing bits and pieces of your reply and remembering the name Oclumed, ordered a bottle of it for me from another supplier online. Last Wednesday it arrived and I started using the OcluMed. The first thing I noticed there was no stinging when I put the drops in my eyes like there usually is when I use the Brite Eyes III. Tomorrow it will be one week since I started using this product and I have started seeing a few changes in my vision. As I had told you I was way past legally blind, but still able to make out faint images. So since you hadn't received any feedback yet I thought I would share with you the things I have noticed so far.

On the third day of use I noticed that objects no longer appeared to be just blobs. I could make out the faint edges and outlines of the objects I was looking at. Last night I found that I was no longer hugging against walls in the hallways or reaching out to find door knobs until I could actually get it in my hand. Instead I was walking down the center of the hall and could see the outline of the door and door knob and took hold of the door knob without having to feel around for it. While a light between me and an object still impairs making out what the object it I have noticed this morning that there doesn't seem to be as much glare interference as there has been in the past.

I have also noticed this morning I am able to faintly start recognizing a few different colors. Reds appear to be rusty and blues and greens appear to be a very light turquoise. I cannot separate red, yellow and orange colors yet. Browns, black and dark grays are still pretty difficult to distinguish and tell any difference between them. Just before I had my wife start typing this email to you for me, I noticed that if I got an object or things within 2 or 3 inches of my eyes they appear to be getting clearer, especially about an inch away and I can actually see my fingernails when held up very close to my eyes.

As you know I have used a lot of products in the past, some of which I have purchased from you, such as the clear focus drops, MSM eye drops, and the natural cataracts eye drops. It is my opinion that the OcluMed drops seem to be able to penetrate directly and deeply into the eyes. The supplements that I had been taking orally for a couple of years, all of which cause severe constipation for me, especially the NAC and the L Carnosine and vitamin B2. The taurine supplement I have been taking always seems to upset my stomach. I had stopped taking all of my supplements the day my son told me he ordered the OcluMed eye drops and was off the supplements 3 days before I started the OcluMed eye drops. My thought was why should I suffer trying to struggle taking these supplements orally and hope enough gets through my body system to my eyes when the OcluMed has these supplements in it and they go directly into the eyes by passing the body, which is why I think I'm getting more benefit from the OcluMed eye drops than I ever could have gotten from oral supplements day after day. I will be starting back on my normal antioxidant supplement because at the age of 60 I do feel run down when I don't take it. But I wanted to give the eye drops a chance to start working by themselves with nothing to interfere with them. I will keep you posted on any other progress I receive from the eye drops and have told my son already that the next bottle of OcluMed is to be ordered through you.

In short Michael, I think the OcluMed eye drops have started working, and while I can't put my finger on what's improving I definitely know things are improving. And again, thanks for always replying quickly to my emails.

M. N.

Cineraria Homeopathic Eyedrops

Cineraria Eye Drops, Really Works - reviewed by G. Hees, December 16, 2006

cataract product review 5/ 5

For a long time I've wanted to thank you for your kindness and help and letting me know what "Cineraria Homeopathic Eyedrops" is all about.

Now I can report to you that it really works. The doctor had recommended [lens problem] removal. But after only a few weeks I suddenly saw real colors again, which was a surprise as I had forgotten how blue the sky can be and how green the trees are and so on. - For driving I don't need glasses any more, so I am looking forward to progressively getting better. Thanks also for your news letter, it's always interesting.

Cineraria Eye Drops, Can Drive at Night - reviewed by S. Bullitt, September 1, 2005

cataract product review 4/ 5

[Lens problems] have improved. I can drive at night now.

Cineraria Eye Drops, For Our Dogs - reviewed by F. Menses, February 17, 2005

cataract product review 5/ 5

Great [lens impairment] improvement with [our] dogs using cineraria - 90% vision block - was completely white cloud - only white speckles left - took about 4 months.

Coleus Forskohlli

Coleus forskohlli eye drops, Better pressure - reviewed by V. Peterson, January 22, 2009

cataract product review 5/ 5

I want to thank you for all you do and offer...I have been using your Coleus forskohlli for 5 months and the Optic Nerve formula as well. I went to another eye doctor and he said that though I have slightly narrow angles, I have no other signs of glaucoma and my pressure is 16. I will continue to use your products and do the eye exercises. Thank you again (oh, I also use several of your eye drops!)

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