Experience with Floaters

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Guide to Treatment of Floaters. Posterior Vitreous Detachment and Cataracts

The testimonials below are based on the individual's personal experience, and may not represent the results another person may have.
Some of the supplements taken by the individual were based on Dr. Grossman's opinion offered on this website.

I have been using your product going on my fourth month (Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula). I've noticed my "floaters" have greatly diminished, some days not at all. When they are present they are not as dominant. I have only been taking one a day. Also, the itching I was experiencing (daily) has also been eliminated. No longer using eye drops for irritable and itching eyes. Looks like you got this formula right!"

-- Michael Fitzpatrick

I've been using your ReVision formula for about 3 weeks and my floaters have diminished about 50% (I'm also using the MSM eye drops by the way). Thank you.

-- D.S. Ossining, NY

Experience with Floaters/Cataracts

After only 2 months of using your supplements for early stages of cataracts and floaters, I noticed the following significant improvements in my eyes:

  1. Previously, I could not bend over or put my head down for more than a few seconds (as when cleaning the floor) as it would cause extreme pressure and discomfort in my eyes. After using the supplements for only 2 months, I could put my head down for as long as I wanted with no pressure/discomfort sensation.
  2. Previously, I needed glasses for night vision, but after taking the supplements I was able to see to drive at night better without my glasses!
  3. Thirdly, I noticed a great reduction in a cloudiness or glare in my vision (which I wasn't even aware of until it went away!)
  4. Fourthly, previously, when I would rub my eyes or look quickly back and forth, I could hear a kind of clicking and/or squishy sound in my eyes which greatly concerned me. After the supplements, this squishy/clicking noise totally went away! All this after only 2 months of use! All I can say is "Bless You!" for the all wonderful work you do in eye care! I'm so grateful I found your website!

-- Ronda W. in Olathe, Kansas