This antioxidant can be helpful in macular degeneration and boosting immune function.

Zeaxanthin is the yellow pigment found in paprika, corn, saffron, and marigolds. It is one of the two most important carotenoids in the retina - while lutin is found mostly in the edge of the retina, zeasantin is predominant in the central macula. Thus it is extremely important in fighting macular conditions such as macular degeneration and maintaining healthy vision.

See food sources for zeaxanthin.

Dr. Grossman has formulated the Advanced Vision Care Formula which contains zeaxanthin:

  • The formulation has therapeutic levels of zeaxanthin made from pure marigold rather than synthetic sources. Zeaxanthin is considered by experts to be the most important carotenoid antioxidant for eye protection.*

    Its the most needed by the eye but the least available in the diet (which provides only about 180 mcg/day. Our master formula contains a whopping 6 mg per Vcap for maximum eye protection, and protection during injury or illness.

    * Caution: Many eye products don't even contain zeaxanthin at all or skimp on it it is very expensive, including adding a token amount often listed in micrograms (mcg) such as 800mcg or less, and often it is synthetic.
  • We use South American Zeaxanthin made from pesticide-free South American marigold
  • Studies recommend 4 mg/day total (both zeaxanthin and lutein) to prevent AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) and cataracts
  • Combined with lutein, helps effectively reduce free radicals