Studies On Glaucoma

Alpha lipoic acid (1995) & glaucoma

Alpha lipoic acid (1995) & glaucoma

Antioxidants (2008) Protect Trabecular Meshwork in Glaucoma

Bilberry, pine bark (2008) combo ward off glaucoma

Bilberry/Pine Bark (2010) & Glaucoma (Mirtogenol )

Carotenoids (1994) and green leafy vegetables

Coleus forskolin (1984) & Glaucoma

Coleus forskolin (1987) & Glaucoma

Computer Use (2004) & Glaucoma

Depth Perception (2006) Deficits in Glaucoma Suspects

Diet (2008) Glaucoma Risk Reduction through Nutrition

East Baltimore Eye Survey (1988)

Exercise (2004) & Glaucoma

Ginkgo (2003) and glaucoma

Ginkgo Biloba (2003) and Glaucoma

Ginkgo biloba (2006) & Steroid-Induced Changes in the Trabecular Meshwork & Intraocular Pressure

Glaucoma (2006) Glaucoma & Other Diseases

Green Tea (2010) Green Tea Can Help Combat Glaucoma

Homocysteine (2004) levels in glaucoma

Hypnosis Can Help Lower Intraocular Pressure

Hypnosis on Intraocular Pressure Glaucoma

Increased Homocysteine Levels in Tear Fluid of Glaucoma Patients

Lipoic acid (1998) - Glaucoma

Lipoic acid / Vitamin B (1991) - Glaucoma

Magnesium (1995) glaucoma

Mini-Strokes (2009) May Cause Vision Loss for Those with Normal Tension Glaucoma

Natural Occurring Growth Factor May Regenerate Retinal Nerve Fiber

Omega-3 (1973) glaucoma

Physical Activity (2009) & Glaucoma

Replacing Immune Cells May Impede Onset of Glaucoma

Smoking (2009) Additional Risk Factor in Elder Women for Glaucoma

Stress (1977) and Glaucoma

Studies Show Relationship of Blood Pressure and Glaucoma

Study: Glaucoma (2004) linked to Heavy Computer Use

Taurine (2003 Study)

Thiamine (1979) & chronic open angle glaucoma

Thyroid Problems Linked to Glaucoma 2002 Study

Vascular changes (1993) and glaucoma

Vascular obstruction (1993) - glaucoma cause

Vitamin B12 (1965) and glaucoma

Vitamin B12 (1992) - glaucoma

Vitamin C (1969) and Glaucoma

Vitamin C (1995) Glaucoma

Vitamin E (2008) Neuroprotection by Vitamin E in Glaucoma