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Eye Exercises " ... did them for 4 mos and much to my SURPRISE my long [distance] vision has improved."

Vision Nutrition "Since both of my parents had cataracts and my mother had macular degeneration, I'm also taking the Advanced Vision Formula regularly.

Reviews: Natural Products for Vision Conditions

Cataracts. "... since using your drops, he sees more clearly in the affected eye than he does in his 'normal' eye."

Computer Eye Strain & Eye Pain "...it truly feels like a triumph!"

Diabetes "...After a visit to my ophthamologist for new glasses, he recommended my using eye vitamins."

Dry Eyes. "... now I often go throughout the day without even thinking about my eyes being dry."

Dark Circles Under Eyes "... the skin around my eyes has become soft and supple just like when I was in my 20s."

Free Eye Exercises. "... I find that the exercises are great for relaxing and restoring clarity."

Epiretinal Membrane (macular pucker) "Although the specialist commented that I have a lot going on with my retina, he is amazed that I see as well as I do. In fact, for the first time in my 53 years, my vision improved since my last exam four months prior. What a relief!"

Floaters. "... The floaters have diminished to the point where I hardly see them."

Fuchs' Syndrome "My eye doctor could not believe the difference in my eyes during my next exam. Gone were the burning, pain, redness and feeling of sand in my eyes."

Glaucoma. "... since using your drops, he sees more clearly in the affected eye than he does in his "normal" eye. "I had my pressure taken yesterday and it was the lowest it has been I think since I developed this disease."

Macular Degeneration "I just returned from my annual eye exam with my neuro-ophthalmologist and I'm thrilled to tell you that my eyesight has stabilized---there is no further progression of macular degeneration!"

Macular Hole "[My ophthamologist] actually used the word "Wow!" when he looked at the test results. He said, 'I expected the macular hole to flatten out, but not this quickly.'"

Retinitis pigmentosa "...after 4 days without taking this formula noticed my vision to be definitely not as clear ..."

Sjogren's Syndrome " ...I went for a regular eye check up and left an astonished ophthalmologist - my eyes held no sign of Sjogren's Syndrome."

Uvetis "I haven't had to take steroids in almost 2 years!"

Vitreous Detachment. "... Each week the condition has continued to improve - it really has been a steady process of improvement. ."

Free Videos "... The hotdog eye exercise is amazing, I practice this exercise regularly everyday. It does tremendously improve my current condition 'accommodation spasm'. ."